How to Choose Keywords for SEO Step by Step Process?

Step by Step Process for Keyword Research

If you are looking to promote your business or brand on Google or YouTube, you may know about search engine optimizers. These search engine giants use keywords to attract traffic towards your page by giving you good ranks. So, you may be wondering how to select the best keywords for SEO. Our article will tell you how you can select the right keywords research and effective words for your webpage. Understand the tips given by us and choose the correct phrases to attract traffic to your page. 

1. Analyze Search Intent

Search intent helps you to find keywords research on the basis of why people search. These are divided into three categories: 

  • Navigational – the user is looking for a different web page
  • Commercial – the users are interested in making a purchase
  • Informational – the user is researching a particular topic

You should always think about what a customer wants when selecting the keywords for your webpage. 

2. Understand Keyword Types

There are three different types of Keywords that you should consider before you choose the right keyword.

  • Head Keyword – These are only one or two in length but provide a large number of results. For ex: anniversary cards.
  • Body Keyword – these are a little longer than the headword and a little in detail. For ex: 25th-anniversary cards.
  • Long Tail Keyword – these keywords are longer than 4 words and focus deep into the topic.

3. Keywords Research tools

Before choosing the right keyword, you should know where to start your search from. There are tools present on the internet that helps you to select the right keyword. 

Once you use this SEO agency you will get the correct results according to your business plan. 

4. Refine your Keywords with LSI

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) helps you in deriving the meaning of your words. Google uses this feature to understand what users want even if the input is filled with typos and grammatical errors. You should use this feature to refine the keywords you are using and classify the important ones.

5. Analyze the Competition

You can also use the other websites present on the internet to analyze keywords. Even if the other websites are your competition you should definitely analyze their ranking position with respect to the keywords they are using. With tools like SEMRush, you can make your own strategy and keep away from Seo mistakes you should avoid

6. Keywords and Matching Media

You should not add too many keywords on your webpage as Google classifies them as spam and then either gives them very low rank or removes them from the net. 

Using the right image along with the correct keywords will surely up your Rankings on Google. A good website image will give you a great ranking and promote your business.

7. Link with the Landing page

You should add links with your keywords that lead to your web page. This will make it more effective and attractive. Optimizing your web page with a link will help you in getting a great rank. 

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Kamal Hasan is an SEO Specialist, he has completed 4 years in the digital marketing industry, and contributed many articles. He writes about digital marketing and website designing content for websites that rank higher. Kamal is working with Battersea Web Expert it’s a digital marketing agency that provides a complete solution for online marketing includes SEO, SMO, PPC, Video Marketing, Web Design, etc.

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